Why Prefab Office Buildings Are Becoming an Increasingly Popular Choice Among Business Owners

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Prefab Office Buildings

It keeps happening in your city. One day you see an empty lot, the next day there is a completed and functioning office building. It almost seems like magic!

There’s no hocus pocus at work here, though. Prefab office buildings are popping up everywhere. They are fast becoming a go-to construction method when you need to have an inexpensive office space in a hurry.

In fact, there are lots of benefits to building a prefab office building. Keep reading to learn why many business owners are jumping on the prefab bandwagon for their upcoming building projects.

Increased Site Safety

If there is one thing every construction company works on improving, it is site safety. Worksite injuries and deaths are still far too common. In 2017, fatalities on construction sites accounted for more than 20% of the total work-related deaths that year!

A poll of people who recently built prefab structures show that about a third of those polled saw a marked reduction of injuries during the construction project.

There are several reasons why building prefab office structures can result in fewer on-the-job injuries. One of the biggest reasons is that the majority of the construction of a prefab structure happens in a factory or warehouse off-site. Less time people spend on the worksite equals less opportunity for workers to sustain injuries.

The factories where most of the prefab construction happens also have strict safety regulations, which further reduce the chances of injuries when constructing a prefab facility.

Quality of Modern Prefab Office Buildings

There used to be a stigma about prefab buildings being less durable and not high quality. Those misconceptions are starting to give way as people begin to see that modern prefab buildings are much better quality than their predecessors.

The way we build prefab site office buildings today makes them sturdy and durable. Many prefab office facilities are able to withstand many kinds of extreme weather such as blizzards and hurricanes.

Prefab buildings can even be more durable than older construction materials including wooden beams and concrete. Prefab structures use hardened steel that can stand strong long after the strongest wooden structures snap like twigs.

Construction Cost Savings

A study done in 2017 showed that building a traditional office space can cost an average of $120 to $216 per square foot! On top of that, maintenance and repairs of a “brick and mortar” office building are often not easy on the pocketbook either.

The average prefab building will cost only a small part of what the old fashioned construction methods do. You can buy a modern prefab building anywhere from $20 to $45 per square foot.

Because the prefab building materials are more durable, the maintenance costs are nominal at best.

Another cost saving benefit of a prefab office building is that you won’t need to spend as much money on hiring people to build it. Because of the easy assembly of prefab buildings, if you can build IKEA furniture, you could build the whole office building yourself.

But if you choose to hire a construction crew, a smaller group will be more than enough. No need to hire a whole village to construct your building.

Time Savings of Going Prefab

Choosing to go prefab for your next office building will also save you a ton of time compared to constructing a traditional office building. It takes way fewer hours of labor to build a prefab building than the traditional buildings.

Like we mentioned earlier, most of the construction of prefab buildings happen off-site. Afterward, assembly of the pieces happens at the chosen location. Having halfway assembled building components delivered to the site takes much less time to complete.

Also, prefab buildings are well engineered and all the pieces will fit together like a puzzle. With traditional construction methods, the potential for human error exists and then correcting those errors can cost not only precious time but money as well.

If time equals money and going prefab saves you tons of time, then no other construction method makes sense!

Time to Pick up and Move?

How frustrating is it to buy land for your next office building and begin construction on a massive office building, only to see a better lot for less money open up around the corner? The answer is very, very frustrating!

With a prefab office building, you have flexibility with the location because you can always disassemble the building and move it to another area!

Sun coming through the windows and blinding everyone inside? Rotate the building so the sun is no longer a problem!

Found a better deal on a better piece of land? Sign that contract and move the whole building to another location!

In a world where business moves at the speed of light and pop-up shops and guerrilla marketing are the hot business trends, prefab office facilities are the best choice to make.

Be Best Friends with the Environment

Climate change and global warming are a growing concern in our modern society. Everyone is trying to keep their personal and business carbon footprints as low as possible.

Most prefab buildings use steel for most of their construction which is durable and will not need constant repairs and replacement. On top of that, the steel is also recyclable when the building is no longer needed!

A new kind of prefab building called FLEX uses a PVC coating to encase the steel supports and improve the insulation of the building which increases energy efficiency!

Pop-Up Offices Becoming More Popular

With pop-up popularity continuing to grow, this is one construction trend we do not see losing steam any time soon. The popularity of prefab buildings for offices and more has been ramping up and we couldn’t be more excited!

What could be better than a construction project that is cheaper, safer and quicker to construct than the old fashioned “brick and mortar” office building style?

If you have any questions about this article or if you have a need for prefab office buildings, we are here to help! Contact us today to get started!