What Can You Fit in a 5×10 Storage Unit? (The Answer Might Surprise You!)

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How much of your life can fit in a 5×10 storage unit? You might be surprised.

Of course, it depends on the types of things you want to store. Small items in boxes that you can pack in tightly will allow for more stuff to fit than large furniture that not only takes up space, but also wastes it.

Now you might be thinking, yeah I could have figured that out on my own, but what I really want to know is approximately how much can I cram in there? Don’t worry, keep reading for some specific advice!

Picturing the Storage Unit Size

To give you a mental image, a 5×10 storage unit is 50 square feet or about the size of the average walk-in closet or large outdoor shed. How much space you actually have will also depend on the height of the ceiling. 8-foot ceilings are common and will give you 400 cubic square feet of space. However, ceiling height can vary so be sure to check with your prospective storage company about their ceiling height.

So, What Is That in Boxes?

If you’re using large, uniformly-sized boxes, you’ll be able to fit about 20 of them into the storage space. How much stuff you can fit in each box will depend on your Tetris, ahem, packing skills, and the type of item you want to store.

Remember, if you will be stacking boxes all the way to the ceiling you have to be strategic about your packing. Make sure that heavier, more sturdy items go near the floor and lighter, more fragile items should go near the top. Also, consider stacking your boxes brick style rather than directly on top of one another. This puts more weight on the structure of the boxes and your items are less likely to get broken or crushed.

And Furniture?

Furniture starts getting a little trickier since not all couches, for example, are the same size. In general, you’ll be able to fit two large pieces of furniture and then you can pack various mall items and boxes in around them.

It can be helpful to think of it in terms of room size. In other words, the storage unit can hold items from one average-sized room, such as a bedroom or home office. You may even be able to fit everything from a small studio apartment.

You might be wondering if a king-sized bed would fit in there…and the answer is yes! However, it will take up roughly a third of the available space so if you have a lot of other things, a large unit might be preferable.

Renting Storage Units

Now you have an idea of what people can fit in a 5×10 public storage unit. You can see why it is a fantastic option as it is an inexpensive and secure way to store a few extra belongings.

Go to Google and check out “storage units near me” to see if there are many options in your area. Starting one can be a great business opportunity. Contact us today to learn more about how to get started!