Unpack Possibility: 10 Different Uses For Prefab Storage Sheds

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Are you unsure about investing in a prefab storage shed?

Sheds can actually be used for much more than simply storing tools. There are many creative ideas that people have started doing to make use of their extra storage space, and they’re all practical!

FLEX provides prefab storage sheds that are durable and easy to clean. This gives customers much more flexibility with their sheds and allows them to build whatever they’d like within them.

Continue reading to learn about some creative uses that people use prefab storage sheds for!

1. Gym

Home gyms are great for those that don’t enjoy working out around others or simply don’t want to pay gym fees. Prefab storage sheds can be used to design an affordable gym from the comfort of your own home.

These gyms can be built wherever you’d like, and there are a plethora of styles that you can choose from. You can have a poolside gym, a minimalist gym, and even an open gym without walls.

2. Office

Storage shed offices are very popular amongst homeowners because it gives them a peaceful environment to work. Using FLEX storage means people don’t have to worry about their valuables or shed getting destroyed.

Offices can be built to cater to the demands of customers. Shelves, desks, and other forms of storage can be easily built within a storage shed. Windows and doorways are also easy to incorporate!

3. Art Studio

Using prefab storage shed as an art studio is excellent for those aspiring artists that would like to get in touch with nature. It’s also great to keep messy paint away from your home.

Art studios can be built near woods with something like a skylight and open space to freely paint and do crafts. Ventilation can also be added to let fumes out.

4. Greenhouse

Greenhouses are a common use for storage sheds because they provide a safe haven for plants to grow. Just like with an art studio, ventilation can be used to give the plants the air that they need.

Many greenhouses aren’t durable because they’re made out of cheap material, which can result in the plants getting destroyed. FLEX storage sheds are strong enough to prevent the elements from ruining the progress of plants.

5. Poolside Storage Shed

Poolside storage is very practical to those that use pool toys and equipment. Having a poolside storage shed removes the need to walk your pool equipment all the way to the garage.

Prefab storage units are so versatile that they can even include showers within the poolside sheds! This is convenient because you can keep enjoying the outdoors or wash up from activities before hopping in the pool.

6. Guesthouse

Having a home for your guest to stay in gives them extra privacy and makes them feel more comfortable. However, many people don’t have the money to just go out and buy the material to make a guesthouse.

Luckily, prefab storage sheds are highly capable of just that. Their durability and cost-efficiency make for excellent guesthouses. They can be equipped with several rooms, plumbing, and electricity.

7. Miniature Barn

Barns are practical to farm owners because it gives them a place to store equipment and animals. FLEX storage has many applications and making miniature barns out of storage sheds is one of them.

These miniature barns can be used to store small animals such as chickens, pigs, and even donkeys. Enough space is provided to build pens and walkways, so you wouldn’t have to worry about accessibility.

8. Baseball Dugout

Using prefab sheds for sports buildings is something that is greatly overlooked. One of the best uses of prefab sheds for sports is baseball dugouts. Baseball dugouts are where the players sit when they’re not playing.

These sheds are strong enough to be built as a dugout which is completely open at the front to allow for walking and provides a roof to protect against the sun and rain.

9. Press Box

Prefab storage units are so versatile that they can even be used as press boxes for sports fields. The press box is where announcers and commentators go to oversee the game. This is usually where the photographers and filmers go, as well.

Using FLEX storage units as press boxes are great for small stadiums such as high school football fields. They can be built multiple stories high, allowing for a great view of the field, and they can also have a garage below for commentators to park.

10. Garage

One of the most common ways that people use storage sheds is for garages. Many people use them to make two-door garages and bike shops, and they even use them to work on things like carpentry.

Similar to art studios, garages are usually a place to get work done that would otherwise be difficult to do in the house. They also double as storage for larger tools.

Start Using Prefab Storage Sheds

With all of the uses of prefab storage sheds, it’s no wonder why people resort to them to add flavor to their homes. They are strong, affordable, and last a very long time.

FLEX storage incorporates science and technology to build the best storage sheds out there. They can work with you to build exactly what you want, and give you suggestions to make your prefab storage unit something more than a simple shed.

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