Think Outside the Box: 4 Creative Self-Storage Marketing Ideas

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Self-Storage Marketing

So, did you know self-storage marketing is a nearly $40 billion industry? That means you have a huge number of competitors pulling out every trick in the book to steal your customers. The only way to beat them is to find tricks that aren’t in the book yet.

To stand out and grow your business, try these creative self-storage marketing ideas.

1. Become an Online Guru for Self-Storage Marketing

You already know your website is essential for your digital marketing, but do you realize how much of an asset your blog can be?

Use your site to create truly helpful, informative blogs about topics related to self-storage. This could include organization, moving, storage, and more.

This approach is called content marketing. The goal is to create content that your target customers will be searching for. This not only helps your SEO so those customers find you, but it builds trust.

2. Get Crafty with PPC Ads

Pay-per-click ads or PPC ads like Google Ads have great potential for your marketing campaigns. For a truly effective result, don’t limit your ads to obvious keywords like “self-storage facilities.” Create ads that cater to other keywords your target audience may be searching for.

Take the keyword “tips for decluttering” for example. If someone wants to declutter their home, they’re likely to need somewhere to store their extra items. If they see your name as they’re searching for decluttering tips, they’re more likely to choose you for their storage.

You can use a similar strategy for keywords like “how to make more space in your home,” “moving tips,” “how to protect valuables from kids,” and more. Think about the reasons a customer may need storage and find ways to capture them before they start hunting for storage facilities.

3. Build a Referral Network

A great way for any business to gain customers is to get other professionals to refer customers to you. For example, if someone’s physician recommends a specific gynecologist, they’re more likely to choose that gynecologist than a random one they find online.

When it comes to self-storage, think about the professionals who are likely to work with someone who needs a storage space. For example, real estate agents are perfect because their clients will be moving soon, and self-storage often helps with the moving process.

Other professionals to consider include interior decorators, home staging experts, and professional organizers. All of these people are likely to advise their clients to move home-cluttering items into storage.

4. Advertise to the Entrepreneurship Crowd

Many of your customers are people storing personal items, but have you considered how business owners can benefit from storage too? As an entrepreneur’s business grows, they’re likely to want storage to house their inventory, equipment, records, and more.

Start networking with entrepreneurship groups. Explain how your storage facility is perfect for a growing business because they can rent as many or as few storage units as they need at any time.

Putting Your Self-Storage Marketing Ideas to Use

Therefore, at the risk of sounding coy in a business that’s all about storage boxes, the best way to market your self-storage is to think outside the box. The self-storage marketing ideas above are only the tip of the iceberg, and the only limit is your own creativity.

So, if you’re also looking for ways to improve your operations, explore our site, or request a quote on our storage units.