How to Set up a Modular Office With Interior Wall Systems

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Americans spend about one-third of their lives in the office. Research shows that well-designed offices lead to healthy, happy, and productive employees. Poorly designed offices are a drain on companies’ resources and potential.

It’s no surprise then that both workers and employers agree that great offices are important. But building those offices can be a challenge.

Enter the modular office design. This innovative trend is making great offices possible in fantastic new ways. Here’s how.

Open Concept Offices Are Out

Open-plan offices reduce employee productivity by a shocking 15 percent. They also cause a more than 30 percent drop in employee satisfaction and well-being. In fact, nearly a third of employees report having to leave open-space offices to get any work done.

Mass experimentation with open-plan offices has led to new understandings of what employees need. Therefore, results show that offering some shared and flexible workspaces is important.

These spaces allow for collaboration. They also serve workers who thrive in open space environments.

Privacy walls and independent workspaces are equally important. The majority of workers need independent space to do their best work.

To create this space, employers have two options. They can use traditional build methods or modular office partitions.

Benefits of Modular Office Spaces

Movable office partitions provide maximum flexibility, convenience, and cost-effectiveness. Installing modular office walls allows employers to:

  • Create new spaces in just a few days
  • Create different spaces for different purposes quickly and easily
  • Keep their costs down
  • Make the most of existing space
  • Easily adapt to future changes in workforce or business needs

Unlike traditional building methods, modular systems quick and clean to install. They don’t interrupt workflow or result in lost time or productivity. Once in place, they require almost no maintenance.

Modular office walls also pay for themselves about five times faster than other forms of construction.

Modular Offices Made Easy

How do companies sold on the benefits of modular office partitions get started creating their new offices? There are a few simple steps.

Get Permission

If you lease property, verify with the property owner or manager that you are authorized to modify the interior. Modular systems can easily be removed, replaced, or taken with you should the lease-end. This means they’re almost always instantly approved.

Get Insight

Work with a designer, a contractor, and other experts to get a clear idea of what you need and want from your space. This will help you choose the modular office design that gives you the best results.

Work With Modular Office Experts

Contact our modular systems experts for information on how our systems can meet your needs. Or call us for help finding out-of-the-box solutions to your unique challenges. We have the experience you need to make your project a success.

Create Your Perfect Office Today

Therefore, if you’re ready to explore modular office solutions for your business, request a quote today. So, if you’re not sure that a modular system is for you, check out our other resources for more information and guidance on modular systems and their uses and benefits.