How to Get the Most of Small Business Storage Units

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There are 5.6 million employer firms in the United States. About 98.2% of them have fewer than 20 workers. This means small businesses make up an overwhelming majority of American business.

One major dilemma that many of these small businesses face is a lack of space. This is where small business storage units come in handy.

If your small business is struggling with a lack of space, then you need to keep reading! We will explain all of the ways that your small business can benefit from using commercial storage units.

Lower Your Expenses

Instead of spending time and money to move your business to a bigger office location, you can free up space by moving some less often used items to a storage unit. Not only do you save money on the moving costs, but you also save on the increased rental costs.

Once you clean house in your office you may find that you can even reduce your required office space. This will save you even more by lowering your monthly office rental cost.

The overhead cost of a storage unit will always be less than the cost of office space.

Improved Profit Margins

When you have more storage space, you can buy more inventory at a given time. This lowers your per item cost. With a lower individual cost, the profit margin increases.

It also means you will have enough stock on hand to prevent shortages or backlogs. Customers are not happy when they find out an item they ordered is out of stock and will take weeks to arrive.

Increased Security

Many businesses choose to use their storage unit to store their sensitive documents. By removing them from your office location, you limit the access your employees have to these documents. This can help reduce the occurrences of information leaks or the dissemination of trade secrets.

The storage unit itself will provide its own security measures to keep your items in storage safe. This will include alarm systems, 24/7 CCTV, and fire alarms.

This will give you peace of mind that your storage unit is guarded and anything you put in it is safe.

Your Stock and Inventory Is Safe

If your business has stock or inventory, you can keep it safe from damage or theft by keeping it in your storage unit. When you leave it lying around your office, it is at higher risk of an accident.

Make sure your storage unit is temperature controlled for the highest amount of control over the safety of your inventory.

Flexible to Your Needs

The majority of storage unit locations have a variety of sizes when it comes to their units. This works in your favor as you can increase or decrease the amount of storage you use to keep in line with your business’ needs.

Integrate Storage and Logistics

Some storage services will also offer logistics assistance. This will let you integrate your storage with your supply chain.

By combining these two tasks, you can streamline your business and help take it to the next level. These services will be able to track your inventory, pack, and ship.

This will save you money by tracking your inventory more accurately. It will also reduce your costs by decreasing the need for an in house packing and shipping department.

Storage and Document Management Services

If you plan to use your storage unit to house documents, then you may want to look for a document management service. These storage facilities can catalog, do data entry, and create a scanning system.

This ensures you have an easy to use system to locate and access any documents you may need once they get taken to your storage unit.

They can also offer you a system for disposing of aged documents. While you may need to keep your documents for a certain amount of time, eventually will need to discard them.

Most document management services will also offer shedding or destruction services. This ensures you comply with any regulations that may apply to your industry.

24/7 and 365 Access

You can access your storage unit any day of the week at any time of the day. All you need is the code or key to get in. This is a significant improvement when compared to office space rental.

Many offices lock up in the evenings and weekends. This limits your access to your own business documents.

This ensures you can run your business when you need to.

Get the Most Bang for Your Buck

It’s great that you have decided to get your business a storage unit, but you shouldn’t charge ahead blindly. Think about what you plan to put in your storage unit.

Your new storage unit isn’t a garbage bin to throw everything in. Only put those documents and items that are a necessity to save.

Shop around so you can compare pricing and sizing. Don’t be afraid to ask about any available discounts.

Finally, ask about flexibility. Your business is growing, and your storage needs will most likely grow with you. Find out how flexible the storage facility is when it comes to moving units and the maximum amount of space available.

Start Benefiting from Small Business Storage Units

If your business has run out of space in your current office location, then it is time to consider using small business storage units. This will reduce your overhead costs while also giving you greater flexibility for growth.

Request a quote for your small business storage unit today.