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Innovative Indoor Storage: Michigan Warehouse Transformed

FLEX Partners with Michigan’s Largest Self-Storage Operator Pogoda Companies is Michigan’s largest self-storage operator and broker. FLEX Building Systems worked with the Pagoda Group and turned an old hostess retail factory into a thriving indoor storage facility in the heart of Detroit, Michigan. Therefore, FLEX was able to create accessible indoor storage both climate-controlled and […]

3 Awesome Reasons Why Your Company Needs to Choose Modular Offices

If your company is needing more space, it’s wise to consider modular offices. It’s difficult for a business to succeed with everyone working in cramped spaces. However, you might not know what makes this type of construction so beneficial. Here are three reasons to consider ordering modular office spaces. Fast Project Completion Time No one […]

4 Solutions to Designing a Flexible Warehouse Distribution Center

A warehouse that meets your business needs today and in the future requires a certain level of flexibility. As such, you want business warehouse solutions that deliver space utilization and optimal operational processes. To achieve this design, you need to plan in multiple stages. Doing so enables your business to compete with the growth in […]

How to Find the Best Storage Unit for Your Move

No one likes moving. It’s a huge undertaking involving pulling out, sorting, and moving all your personal belongings to another home. On top of that, most people can’t take time off of work to move, so they try to cram the whole job into one weekend! A great way to help extend the time you […]

Restore Or Replace: Tips For Renovating Your Self Storage Business

There are 300,000 things in the average American home. U.K. and E.U. homes aren’t far behind. People are drowning in stuff! The self-storage business continues rapid growth. Industry estimates a value of $49.24 billion by 2024, a 135% increase. Self-storage business entrepreneurs know it takes certain features to capture customers. To clarify, first-class storage facilities command first-class prices. […]

How to Start a Rental Business for Storage Units

Are you planning to put up your own business? Does a storage unit business tickle your fancy? Believe it or not, offering storage units for rent is a great choice to create passive income. Interestingly, one in every 11 Americans pays $91 every month on self-storage units. More impressively, this translated to a $32 billion […]

A Simple Storage Solution: 8 Advantages of a Prefab Storage Building

It happens to everyone. No matter how judicious you are about purchasing new stuff, over the years, all the things you bought will pile up and begin to look cluttered and disorganized. For many people, the solution to this collection of clutter is to rent out or buy storage space. In fact, the self-storage business is booming […]