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Plastic Power: The Many Benefits of Plastic Storage Units Over Steel

The worldwide self-storage industry is expected to reach almost $50 billion by 2024. That doesn’t include the billions that businesses and individuals spend on their own on-site storage. This tells us one simple fact: people have a lot of stuff and too little space. If you’re looking for storage containers of your own, where do you […]

How to Set up a Modular Office With Interior Wall Systems

  Americans spend about one-third of their lives in the office. Research shows that well-designed offices lead to healthy, happy, and productive employees. Poorly designed offices are a drain on companies’ resources and potential. It’s no surprise then that both workers and employers agree that great offices are important. But building those offices can be a […]

Storage Business Basics: How Much Should You Price Storage Units?

  Americans spend nearly $40 billion each year on self-storage unit rentals. Need for storage units is expected to remain high in the decades to come. This demand creates tremendous opportunities for storage businesses to thrive nationwide. Many storage businesses are at risk of missing out on these opportunities, however. Too many simply aren’t charging enough […]

10 Space Saving Tips on How to Pack a Storage Unit

Are you looking to pack items into your storage unit, but aren’t quite sure how to go about doing it? Packing your items in a storage unit is a very convenient option when you’re in-between places or when you’re running out of space. But, packing a storage unit the right way can often be tricky. How […]

A Complete Guide on How to Provide Climate Controlled Self-Storage

As self-storage unit developments continue, climate controlled self-storage units are becoming a staple. While a basic storage unit will provide renters with a basic level of protection against wind, snow, sun exposure, and drain, that may not always be enough for all of your clients. Certain types of products require more protection, which is where […]