Our panels can be quickly fitted to your building to get you
up and running faster.
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Our weather-resistant and durable manufactured products allow for flexible design options. Onsite engineering and design capabilities allow FLEX to create a custom solution to meet your design needs because simple construction leads to a quick and seamless installation.


FLEX offers a variety of options to ensure that your product can be produced, and assembled, effectively and efficiently. We offer onsite assembly of the product or we can train your crew. The best part is that all of the installations can be done quickly!


cladding materials

Designing or building a new warehouse or simply replacing exterior walls in an existing steel structure, FLEX Building Systems has the solution for you.

Our composite panels are easily used as an exterior facade for a high quality, insulated, and virtually maintenance free cladding solution. Because of our patented interlocking system, our panels can be quickly fitted to your building to get you up and running faster.

Interior Dividers

Once your warehouse is ready to go, FLEX panels can be used to partition the space and create individual rooms or offices. These spaces can be added to your warehouse in a matter of days. They are ideal for adding organization and structure to your space. Need to add offices to your building? Our panels offer a quick, clean, reusable solution for creating interior offices in existing buildings. Use the FLEX Systems for all interior and exterior walls, whether dividing or partitioning areas. Due to the very light but durable properties of the system, our panels do not add further loading to existing structures.

Why choose Composite cladding over steel:

  • The panels are designed to host various types of thermal or acoustic insulation materials within their cavities.
  • Panels can accommodate many paints and other types of surface coatings.
  • If you need to extend the load capacity or spans of the units, panels can be reinforced with steel ribs appropriate for your project. This gives our structures tremendous strength and versatility.
  • Units can be assembled on one site and moved to another if necessary.
  • Composite materials mean the buildings are virtually maintenance free.
  • Interlocking building systems allow for fast assembly with no heavy equipment needed.

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