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A flexible solution for all interior walls and room partitions.
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Our weather-proofed and durable manufactured products allow for flexible design options. Onsite engineering and design capabilities allow FLEX to create a custom solution to meet your design needs because simple construction leads to a quick and seamless assembly process.


FLEX offers a variety of options to ensure that your product can be produced, and assembled, effectively and efficiently. We offer onsite assembly of the product or we can train your crew. The best part is that all of the assembly can be done in as little as a few hours!

Room dividers

and wall systems

Interior room dividers

Looking for a cost-effective solution that eliminates the need for full interior construction? FLEX Building Systems offers an affordable, quick, clean, reusable solution compared to other dry wall systems. Use the FLEX Systems for all interior and exterior walls, whether dividing or partitioning areas. Due to the very light but durable properties of the system, our panels do not add further loading to existing structures and can even be used to convert roofs tops to habitable space!

Create controlled environments

FLEX panels are extruded from a proprietary blend of composite materials which make it perfect for controlled, interior rooms. We can assemble an interior room without major construction in just a few days. The easy to clean, sealable material is ideal for creating controlled environments. Another application that FLEX has been used for is 3D printing rooms. 3D printers have become more and more important in a number of industries for validation and manufacturing. These machines generate a lot of heat and noise, they must also be protected from dust and particles. By building a FLEX room around your 3D printer you can better control the environment around the printer and in the rest of your work space.

Benefits of FLEX interior wall systems

  • Removes the need for major interior construction when you need to add offices or partition spaces
  • Create spaces with controlled environments
  • Spaces can be built in a matter of days




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