Why Flex Storage?

Our turnkey storage solutions provide maximum flexibility
for your individual design specifications.
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Our weather-resistant and durable manufactured products allow for flexible design options. In-house engineering and design capabilities allow FLEX to create a custom solution to meet your applications needs.


FLEX offers a variety of options to ensure that your product can be produced, and assembled, effectively and efficiently. We offer on-site installation of the product or we can train your crew. 

Why FLEX storage

Meeting unique storage needs

FLEX storage units are unlike anything else on the market. The panel system is ideal for storage units because they can be assembled onsite, require virtually no maintenance and are easily scalable.

Composite Storage vs. Traditional Steel

The overwhelming majority of storage units on the market today are made of steel or other metals. Steel storage has a few drawbacks that you can avoid by using the FLEX composite units instead. For example:

  • FLEX storage units won’t rust. Our panels are made of a PVC material and the steel we use to give strength to the structure is completely encased within the panel so there is no exposure to moisture.
  • Our storage units are easy to clean. This means fast turnaround times for you. We want to help you build a storage business with the absolute minimum downtime!
  • Storage units made from our patented interlocking panels are very strong and won’t dent or bend as steel structures do. However, if damage occurs, it can be easily remedied, just remove the damaged panel and slide a new one into place.
  • We offer a 10-year limited warranty on all of our composite storage units!

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