Our turnkey storage solutions provide maximum flexibility
for your individual design specifications.

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Our weather-resistant and durable manufactured products allow for flexible design options. In-house engineering and design capabilities allow FLEX to create a custom solution to meet your applications needs.


FLEX offers a variety of options to ensure that your product can be produced, and assembled, effectively and efficiently. We offer on-site installation of the product or we can train your crew. 

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Out of all the many choices that are on the market, FLEX offers the right storage units for you

Cost, simplicity, speed of construction, and durability, are all important factors for the long-term success of any project. FLEX Building Systems addresses each and every one of those issues. Our turnkey storage solutions provide maximum flexibility for your individual design specifications. Our experienced team is happy to talk to you and explain how FLEX storage units can help you maximize your space and grow your business.

Customizable self-storage solutions

Our durable storage units are designed for limitless customization. FLEX can offer solutions to meet your unique storage needs. Our storage systems provide the benefits of being naturally resistant to both moisture and insects. The composite material is easy to clean; and if damaged, you can simply replace a section. We have designed these storage units with your bottom line in mind. Here are a few more benefits to our product that will help you maximize profit and grow your business.

Benefits of plastic storage units

Quick to assemble

At FLEX we understand that the faster you can get storage units added to your property, the faster you can be making money on those units. Our storage solutions are designed specifically for fast on-site assembly. While other construction systems might take months to assemble, the completion for most FLEX housing units are measured in days.

Flexible Design Options

By standardizing our exclusive building profiles, we can accommodate almost any configuration to meet your unique needs. Whether you are looking to put in movable units or permanent structures we design a plan to meet your unique storage layout. Once you provide your specific requirements, our staff organizes the components necessary to fit your building layout. If you don’t require a custom configuration, we have a number of standard, pre-designed plans that will meet your needs.

Maintenance Free Storage

Our proprietary mix of polyvinyl chloride produces a water-tight envelope in all FLEX panels. This prevents water from penetrating through the product and, unlike wood-based products, provides absolutely no food source for insects, mold, or rodents. Because our panels are made from a composite material they will not rust or dent like steel storage units. Our maintenance free storage units mean you can turn around the units faster between customers, less down time equals more revenue.

Why Use Composite Storage Units?

  • Composite material requires virtually no maintenance & is UV stabilized
  • The overall build time can be as little as a few hours
  • FLEX’s movable units can be placed where traditional storage cannot and allows for maximized storage potential
  • FLEX storage units are cost-effective and easily scale-able to accommodate your storage growth. They are an overall great investment!
  • FLEX offers a 1-year limited warranty

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