Providing a safe, clean environment for focused learning.
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Our weather-proofed and durable manufactured products allow for flexible design options. Onsite engineering and design capabilities allow FLEX to create a custom solution to meet your design needs because simple construction leads to a quick and seamless assembly process.


FLEX offers a variety of options to ensure that your product can be produced, and assembled, effectively and efficiently. We offer onsite assembly of the product or we can train your crew. The best part is that all of the assembly can be done in as little as a few hours!

How Flex is

Addressing Classroom Shortages

Education should be a basic human right.

FLEX Building Systems recognized the local need in South Africa for clean, safe places for children to go to school. Having successfully used our patented composite panels to create affordable housing, medical clinics and commercial buildings, we knew that our panel systems would be perfect for constructing schools as well.

Solutions for Safe Classrooms

“I realized if you can change a classroom, you can change a community, and if you change enough communities you can change the world.” Erin Gruwell

The environment in which children learn can be as important as what they are being taught. At FLEX, we believe that if you give students a classroom that is clean, safe and free of distractions, you are giving them their best chance to learn and experience the life changing benefits of a good education. Our classrooms are designed with safety as a top priority; electrical conduits are fully encased in with in the panels so there is no risk of exposure to wiring. We are also replacing pit toilets with ablutions facilities alongside of the education buildings to ensure that no students are put at risk.

Turnkey Education Buildings

FLEX buildings are constructed from composite materials that lock together to form the structure of the building. When needed, light weight steel is inserted inside the panels to give additional strength. The panels are also designed so that plumbing and electrical systems can be inserted in the panels themselves, meaning we can deliver a turnkey education solution. The interlocking, modular system of building, allows our school houses to be assembled on site, even when site access is limited. There are a number of reasons that our composite panels are perfect for school houses in the Southern Africa Region as well as other places around the world.

Benefits of using FLEX panels for School Houses

Fast assembly means getting schools up and running quickly

FLEX Building Systems components are designed specifically for fast on-site assembly. While other construction systems might take months to assemble, the completion for most FLEX Schools can be measured in days. Many of our configurations can be sealed in under a week so less oversight is required, resulting in faster occupancy and lower overall cost to the client.

Simple, onsite assembly

Save the cranes, forklifts, and other heavy machinery for another day. The FLEX Building System has been engineered so that a small crew of relatively unskilled workers can be taught to construct a building, piece by piece, with a few basic hand tools. A lightweight steel structure is inserted into the panels after erection which enables a very systematic approach to the building process.

Long Lasting maintenance free buildings

From high winds to heavy hail, the exterior FLEX wall panels and roofing panels are fully sealed to withstand all kinds of extreme weather. FLEX Building Systems are the preferred solution in seismic environments due to their flexible nature which resists cracking. In addition to inclement weather, the panels are highly resistant to most chemicals and have a high UV tolerance, making them virtually maintenance free. The panels are designed to host various types of thermal or acoustic insulation materials within their cavities. The panels can accommodate many paints and other types of surface coatings. If you need to extend the load capacity or spans of the units, panels can be reinforced with steel ribs appropriate for your project. This gives our structures tremendous strength and versatility. Composite panels serve not only as constructive walls, but also as conduits for electricity, water and insulation.

Providing a clean environment for focused learning

Our proprietary mix of polyvinyl chloride produces a water-tight envelope in all FLEX profiles. This prevents water from penetrating through the product and, unlike wood-based products, provides absolutely no food source for insects, mold, or rodents.

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