About Us

We design, engineer and manufacture
FLEXible building solutions

Flex Building systems

Global prefabricated building suppliers

FLEX Building Systems is part of a deep-rooted network of global manufacturing companies dedicated to providing state-of-the-art design, engineering and manufacturing processes to multiple industry sectors. By leveraging a broad talent base, as well as strong financial backing, FLEX Building Systems is positioned to excel in the premanufactured building component industry. 

Providing FLEXible building solutions

The team at FLEX Building Systems designs, engineers and manufactures high-quality building and storage solutions that are simple, flexible and durable by design, eco-friendly by nature. The combination of our patented panel system and a composite structure simplifies assembly, reduces weight and lowers cost, while improving flexibility, portability and longevity. FLEX Building Systems has a rich history, solid experience and a strong financial backing. We are recognized by our customers for outstanding services. We work to create custom solutions that will meet the individual needs of our customers.

Global team of experts

FLEX Building Systems is both a manufacturer of a composite building materials and a service provider to meet your design, engineering and assembly needs.

We have locations in both North America and South Africa with experts in design, engineering and manufacturing of prefabricated building materials for a wide range of applications. FLEX offers a number of standard building designs for everything from storage units to education buildings to low cost housing. Our design and engineering teams can also work with you to create custom solutions to meet your building needs.

Quality building

FLEX patented panel systems are engineered and manufactured locally to the highest quality standards.

  • Composite material requires virtually no maintenance and is UV stabilized
  • Build time can be considerably less than with traditional building materials.
  • Optional customization to fit your needs
  • In-panel conduit for electrical and plumbing
  • Onsite assembly
  • Weather resistant buildings are also impervious to insects and other pests
  • Easily add insulation to the panels to help regulate temperature
  • In-panel, light weight steel ribs make our units incredible strong

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