4 Solutions to Designing a Flexible Warehouse Distribution Center

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4 Stages of Flexible Distribution A warehouse that meets your business needs today and in the future requires a certain level of flexibility. As such, you want business warehouse solutions that deliver space utilization and optimal operational processes.

To achieve this design, you need to plan in multiple stages. Doing so enables your business to compete with the growth in e-commerce.

Analyze Historical Data to Project Growth

Generally, forecasting is the first step to design a flexible warehouse. This involves analyzing historical data such as volume growth, replenishment strategies, and SKU proliferation. 

Overestimating these areas may create dead space. However, underestimating can lead to bottlenecks that cause deficits in performance efficiency.

Determine Warehouse Size

After collecting forecasting data, you want to determine the appropriate size of your warehouse facility. Typically, you must consider individual components such as:

  • Bulk storage areas
  • Staging zones
  • Yard/container area
  • Storage and racking zones
  • Quarantine zones
  • Space for automation equipment

Each component is defined by the business warehouse solutions that are applicable to your company.

Decide on a Sufficient Number of Dock Doors

For the third step in designing your warehouse, you want to plan out a sufficient number of dock doors. You may only need a set number right now. However, adding extra dock doors allows your business to add services later to increase revenue. 

All FLEX storage units are constructed from our standard composite panels so we can easily work with you to create unique designs to meet your individual needs. We want to help you meet your business goal of maximizing the potential of your space. Sometimes a creative solution is needed to fit your distinct layout, FLEX can help with that!

Build a Technological Foundation

Finally, you have come to the final step that may sound like it should be the first. Building a warehouse management technology solution will help you run your warehouse operation efficiently. 

For example, you can add functionality as your warehouse business grows. Also, you will have a one-stop solution for staffing needs and work schedules. Whatever technology solution you select should also have the capacity to grow with your business.

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